Have the clubhouse professionally cleaned following your event.

For a discounted fee of $100 for the Main Floor or $75 for the Lower Level, a professional cleaning will be scheduled following your event, instead of cleaning the clubhouse yourself. If you choose not to pay the cleaning fee you are responsible for cleaning the clubhouse according to the terms of your rental agreement. If it is necessary to schedule cleaning after your event you will be charged the full cost of the cleaning ($210 for Main Floor, $140 for Lower Level).

Please note that 14 days advance notice is required.

What’s Included

If you choose to pay the optional discounted cleaning fee, the following items will be taken care of by the cleaning company:

  • All tables, counters, bar area, and kitchen are wiped down.
  • Hardwood floors are swept and mopped.
  • Rugs are vacuumed.
  • Trash bags replaced.

What’s Not Included

You are still responsible for ensuring that:

  • Furnishings are free of stains and damage.
  • Permanent fixtures and A/V equipment and accessories are free of damage.
  • Decorations are removed.
  • Furniture and folding tables and chairs are returned to their original place.
  • Trash is removed.
  • Lights are turned off and doors are locked.

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