Community Standards Documents

* Document will download from Cusick website.

Additional documents can be found on the Cusick website in the Document Library. Select Community Information\Community Documents from the Cusick menu, and then expand the Community Documents folder.

Community Management

Brookhaven HOA management is provided by Cusick Community Management. Monthly community inspections are conducted on the first week of each month. Remember to address landscaping or exterior maintenance issues before each inspection!

Assessments are billed on the first of each quarter, with a 10-day grace period. Homeowners with balances on their accounts will be called to a hearing to potentially remove amenity access.  To review your balance or to set up recurring payments, please visit the community portal on the Cusick website at For assistance with payments or to set up ACH payments, please contact the Cusick accounting department at

If you see anything needing repair or have a question about HOA business, please contact community support at or use the Report an Issue form.