Pool Party Policy and Procedures

  • A pool party is categorized as 7 or more non-household, non-resident guests. The non-resident party guests must be checked-in at the pool as guests and will require a guest pass (swimmers and non-swimmers). You may use guest credits already on your account or purchase additional ones if needed.
  • Additional pool party fees apply and must be paid in advance directly to the pool management company for the hiring of additional lifeguards. See pricing below.
  • A Pool Party Request Form must be submitted at least 14 days in advance, as it affects staffing needs. The request is reviewed and approved by the Pool Committee.
  • The party host must personally check-in each non-resident guest with the gate attendant.  Guests may not check-in without the host present.
  • All parties must occur during normal pool hours. Parties must end 1 hour before closing.
  • Only one party may take place at a time. There may be more than one party on the same day, but not during overlapping times.
  • Parties may not be held from 12PM-4pm on weekends and may not be held on holidays.
  • No party can exceed 30 people.
  • The resident host must provide a sufficient number of adults to help chaperone children (5 children per adult).
  • It is the responsibility of the resident host to inform the guests of the pool rules and monitor the behavior of the party participants.
  • The party host is required to make sure the immediate party area is clean and tables/furniture is returned to their proper locations.
  • Parties are limited to a 3 hour time period.
  • The pool may not be reserved or utilized for exclusive use, except by the Brookhaven Swim Team for swim meets and team parties. Notice of closure will be posted in advance.

Lifeguard Fees

The number of lifeguards needed is based on the total number of non-resident guests at your party, not just swimmers.

1-25 Guests: 1 lifeguard required
26-30 Guests: 2 lifeguards required
The charge for each lifeguard is $40/hour
Parties involving alcohol, teenagers or college-aged people will require one additional lifeguard.
There is a $25 administrative fee

Email Denise Carlton at Carolina Pool Management with questions about lifeguard fees.

Pool Party Facility Reservations

You may optionally reserve the Clubhouse Lower Level for your party for an additional fee.

Only the Lower Level of the Clubhouse may be used in conjunction with a pool party. Although the furniture is water resistant, it is not waterproof. Please ensure that guests dry off prior to entering the building. The flooring may be slippery when wet – take caution. No guests in bathing suits are permitted upstairs for any reason. Downstairs bathrooms should be used.  See Clubhouse Rental Policy and Procedures for details.

Pool Party Checklist:

  • Submit Pool Party Request Form

    Submit your Pool Party Request Form.  Your request will be reviewed by the Pool Committee, and if approved, sent to Carolina Pool Managment.  You will receive an email confirmation when your request is approved.

  • Send Payment to Carolina Pool Management

    After your request has been approved by the Pool Committee, you will receive an email from Carolina Pool Management with instructions on how to submit payment for the lifeguard fees.

  • Purchase Guest Passes

    If needed, purchase additional guest passes for each of your non-resident guests. A guest pass is needed for both swimmers and non-swimmers.