Clubhouse Reservation Rules, Guidelines and Fees

  • As a jointly owned community facility, all residents are required to take responsibility for both private and general reservations that include opening, closing, and keeping the clubhouse and surrounding areas clean.
  • A fee will be charged for private reservations which entitles the homeowner to the exclusive use of a specific area.
  • The person renting the Clubhouse must be a Brookhaven resident in good standing, over the age of 25, and must be present for the entire event. This person is held responsible for all actions of their guests, condition of the area rented, and must comply with the Association’s Declaration, By-Laws, and Rules and Regulations.
  • Residents who are found reserving the clubhouse or surrounding areas for non-Brookhaven residents will forfeit their security deposit and lose all amenity privileges for 1 year.
  • The area rented will remain in the condition you rented it. You must clean up after your event. A checklist is attached and is posted in the kitchen – in the bin of cleaning products – for your convenience. Failure to clean up after your event will warrant cleaning fees be taken from your security deposit.
  • Should extreme damage occur during your rental, you will be held responsible for repairs over and above your security deposit. Repairs will be charged on a time and material basis. Accidents happen — gross negligence is unacceptable. Chargeable damage might include but is not limited to scratches to the floor, holes, or adhesive on the walls, broken or missing tchotchkes, broken furniture, stains that require additional cleaning efforts, balloons stuck to the ceiling, or furniture not in its proper place.
  • Should you need to move furniture for your event, the furniture must be returned to its correct placement. Damage resulting from moving furniture will be the financial responsibility of the renter.
  • Children must be supervised at all times. The clubhouse is not the place for raucous play.
  • Reservations for the lower level (only) may be made in conjunction with a pool party. Although the furniture is water resistant, it is not waterproof. Please ensure that guests dry off prior to entering the building. The flooring may be slippery when wet – take caution. No guests in bathing suits are permitted upstairs for any reason. Downstairs bathrooms should be used.
  • There is NO SMOKING in the Clubhouse, on the Clubhouse balcony, on the Pool Deck, front steps, tennis courts, pavilion, playground or basketball court or any area near the Clubhouse.
  • Non-profit groups must have 501c Non-Profit status and must provide the proper documentation at the time the reservation is made. A security deposit is still required.
  • Per North Carolina law, there is no gambling for money or anything of value in the Clubhouse.
  • Balloons, streamers, decorations, etc. must not be affixed to any wall, fixture, etc. There are nails above the bar area on the main floor that may be used to hang decorations.  If helium balloons are found stuck on the ceiling or tangled in the chandeliers, or tape residue needs to be removed, a portion of the security deposit will be held for maintenance to remedy the situation.  If time permits between rentals, the renter will have the opportunity to remedy the situation before the maintenance crew is called.
  • If professional cleaning of a rug or furniture is necessary, a portion of the security deposit will be deducted for cleaning. If stains cannot be removed and item needs to be replaced, the cost of replacement will be the sole responsibility of the renter.
  • Reservation time includes set up and clean up, so make sure you reserve the proper amount of time.
  • All events must end by 12:30AM and music cannot be heard from the exterior of the Clubhouse after 9:30PM.
  • The security deposit, rental fee, and rental agreement must be received before your event is considered finalized. A separate check is necessary for the security deposit and will be deposited 30 days prior to the event and returned within 30 days after approval from the Clubhouse Committee. Inspection of the clubhouse will be done post-party (or the morning after if the party is in the evening). Failure to clean up after your event will warrant a deduction in the deposit for cleaning fees, unless you have chosen to pay the optional cleaning fee to have the clubhouse cleaned following your event. Your deposit will not be returned if damage is found. The area rented will remain in the condition you rented it. You must clean up after your event.
  • A $25 service charge will be charged for a check that is returned with insufficient funds.
  • A Teen Addendum must be included for events where the average guest age is between the ages of 13 and 24 years of age. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure off-duty officers are hired and the documentation is provided one week before the event. Events requiring off-duty officers will be cancelled if the information is not provided. The deposit fee will not be returned.

Post Event Checklist

  1. All tables, counters, bar area, and kitchen are to be wiped down and free of debris and stickiness.
  2. Hardwood floors will be free of debris and stickiness.
  3. Decorations will be taken with or disposed of.
  4. Rugs will be vacuumed if necessary.
  5. Garbage bins will be re-lined with new trash bags.
  6. Furniture will be returned to its original placement.
  7. Folding Tables & Chairs will be returned to their appropriate closets.
  8. Lights will be turned off.
  9. Doors will be locked.
  10. All garbage will be bagged and taken to the dumpster outside the clubhouse. If the dumpsters are full, please take your trash home and deposit in your home trash can. There may be another event right after yours so please be prompt in cleaning up. *There is a two-hour mandatory break between reservations.

The security system automatically arms from 2:00-5:00AM. Please DO NOT ARM the system when you leave.

Post-Event Inspection

The following areas will be inspected for damage after the event, and you will be notified if there are any issues.

  1. Furniture: chairs, stools, sofas, tables, rugs, poufs, lamps
  2. Permanent Fixtures: Flooring, counters, kitchen equipment, walls, bathrooms, light fixtures
  3. A/V equipment and accessories

Extra Tables and Chairs
There are four long tables in the main floor closet next to the Meeting Room. There are 26 folding chairs in the closet in the Lower Level Room.

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