Proposed Topics for Open Board Meeting

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Thank you to all on the Board and all of the various Committees who devote your time and energy to maintaining our community and amenities. You are all appreciated!

Unfortunately, we can't attend the meeting tonight due to work travel and our boy's sport activities but wanted to give our two cents on some topics of discussion..

Traffic Calming: We are in favor of traffic calming measures especially those that can be paid for by Indian Trails or the County such as extra stop signs, crosswalks.....

In addition, we believe that asking the PD to come on random days to set up speed traps ticketing those that are speeding would do wonders. Consequences are very effective! We're sure it would be a nice stream of revenue for the PD so you'd get no complaints from them.

We also like the idea of putting up the electronic board that apparently you had in place before so people can see how fast they are actually going.

Security Guards: Instead of paying for Security Guards, we'd rather see an investment made in high definition cameras installed in areas where vandalism has occurred. For example: around the pool, lazy river, around the pool perimeter by the fences and pool entrances/exits, all over the clubhouse, fitness center., basketball courts.....

Also, If vandalism occurs and offenders are identified by the security cameras then there needs to be consequences and involvement by the police depending on the offense. There should be a zero tolerance policy for vandalism. We shouldn't have to use HOA finds for repairs from this vandalism if we can know who the offenders are and can ID them Offenders should be responsible for any cleanup. Repairs need to be charged back to the offenders and HOA privileges revoked.

Neighborhood Amenities: We support any spending necessary to keep our neighborhood amenities in good working order and condition including keeping and maintaining the water slide.

Absolutely right, the only people speeding are entitled teenagers. No discussion needed. Homeowners on Stanbury, Camrose, Delamere and Ainsdale may have differing opinions......

No one mentioned speed bumps every 50 feet. One set of speed bumps at the center of the neighborhood to force a de-acceleration by everyone traveling through the neighborhood is worthy of discussion.Just because speed bumps were dismissed many years ago does not mean it cannot be discussed now.

Bringing a composting service for interested residents. I already spoke to a company and would be happy to relay the information.

I would love to bring up our front entrance.
1. Needs to be power washed - the brick
2. The hedge needs to be removed to show our neighborhood sign.
3. I signed up last time to be a part of the landscape committee and would love to learn more about it, please contact me to direct me to right direction how to be useful and actually be apart.
4. Also we should update front w rocks and plants what can stay all year round to cut cost for seasonal planting
3. Our neighborhood Christmas bows are from 1980 - could really use a update and also consider wrap the trees in the middle island w white lights - it would brighten up the entrance
4. Also regular lighting at the front is not evenly lit - have to look but one side lights are out

Why are our sidewalks not compliant with town code? Code requires two 5' wide sidewalks or one 7' wide sidewalk. We only have one 4' wide sidewalk.

Would love to revisit the idea of adding a pickle ball court as an amenity or add lines to existing tennis courts

Bermuda grass is the first to brown and the last to green. It's a fallacy to think that it's easier to maintain then fescue. It needs more fertilizer and still needs to sprayed to prevent weeds. Do we want to live in a neighborhood where the grass is brown for months on end? I certainly don't.

How exactly will speed dumps stop high school kids from speeding? Providence plantation has dozens of speed bumps and people still speed through there.
Should Brookhaven install speed bumps every 50 feet? Why is that those of us in this neighborhood, the ones who don't speed ,have to pay for the price for a handle of individuals.
This speeding thing once again comes down to parents not taking responsibility for their entitled children driving recklessly.
On top of all that the HOA will be come liable for any damaged caused to vehicles and/or people due to the speed bumps.

Removing the slide is silly. It's a reason many in this neighborhood moved here. It's called an amenity. I have a sneaking suspicion that those that want the slide removed no longer have young children and are okay with removing it if it saves them $3.75 a month in HOA dues.

I could talk briefly about the playground (potential shade or to see if the community has other requests). I can’t stay long though, as I need to be home for the kids. So if it works to do that early in the meeting that would be good.

In past years the board had each committee give brief updates like this at the annual meetings - I found this kind of useful so maybe we bring that back?

1. What is the purpose of security personnel during day time and early evenings at the clubhouse? Most of the time the security sit inside the clubhouse playing on their phones, so I'm trying to understand what security issues the committee are trying to resolve with the current security schedule. I live close to the clubhouse and 95% of the disturbance in the parking area, play ground, basket ball area etc. happens late at night between 11pm and 3am when there is no security. It has become a regular pattern that teenagers from Brookhaven and other neighborhoods come and park their cars at the clubhouse parking area, and then play loud music and party into the early hours of the morning, also seen them climbing over the fence at the swimming pool, that is when we need security!

speed bumps, speed limit signs

Consider installing speed bumps near the creek bridge in front of the open space used for kiddie soccer. These would not be in front of any homes and would force traffic to slow down half way through Delamere. Speeding is worse now and we have increased traffic just cutting through the neighborhood to go between Weddington to Indian Trail/Stallings. Can we please consider speed bumps again.

1. Understand cost vs. value of keeping pool slide and high cost of having lifeguards.
2. Understand fiscal and environmental impact of not allowing homeowners to have bermurda lawns. Way too much money and fertilizers and chemicals required to not allow bermuda for base and winter augmentation (for green year round) with fescue.

Thank you Board for continuing to focus on the management of our community. Here are a couple agenda items I would like to request we add to the agenda:

1. Traffic Calming - Issue of speeding and reckless driving within the community.
2. NCDOT Engagement - Represent a case for traffic management (ex: signals) at the Antioch Church entrance, for use during peak hours in the morning.
3. Minor maintenance - There is a post at the Antioch entrance where the Flock camera used to be installed. The post has wires hanging out and needs to be removed.
4. Cost of Landscaping - With year over year increases in landscape costs, suggest the Landscape Committee consider efforts to mitigate costs (ex: by changing the materials used, cadence and or other measures).

*Petition for traffic assessment (speed bumps)
*Status on pool vandalism and steps for new cameras
*Feedback on how new check in at pool went this summer
*Update on reserve infrastructure (transfer to county)
*Open fiber / Ripple - any status on work
*Meeting minutes - cannot find any minutes post Jan 2023, and nothing for annual meetings for 2023. Where can we go to get this info (if we aren’t able to attend)
*Help needed - what are the pressing areas for the board/committees where the homeowners can volunteer (specifics)

*I will be late attending, but tried to get a comprehensive list

HOA Dues Cost Cutting Item - Pool Slide Removal and Need for Large Lifeguard Yearly Costs.