Committee Updates

Communications Committee

Update Provided By: Amy Hodgin

October 2, 2023

What is your committee currently working on?

Improvements to internal, back-end processes in order to be more efficient. Examples are streamlining and automating processes around key fob requests, clubhouse rental and scheduling of community events.

Continuing to update the site content, electronic forms, and processes based on homeowner feedback and questions, and our partnership with Cusick.

What is in your pipeline?

Clean-up of dormant accounts. In January any accounts that were automatically created as part of the initial rollout will be removed if no one has ever logged in to the account. Those homeowners will need to request a new account. This will ensure that only current residents have website accounts. There is a process in place now to remove accounts for homeowners that have moved out of the neighborhood, but there is a potential gap from the initial rollout that needs to be closed.

Explore consolidating some email communications into a newsletter style format - instead of individual reminder emails for everything.

What is your most urgent need?

For people to follow the new processes, especially related to clubhouse rental. We can't automate a sheet of paper that is dropped off at the Cusick office.

Recap of previous events

With the initial rollout of the website, we were able to automate two processes that were entirely manual: lap swimming waivers and ball machine payments. The clubhouse rental form also received an upgrade as part of the rollout, with cost and discounts now automatically calculated.