Open Session Regarding the Pool Slide RESCHEDULED

Open Session Regarding the Pool Slide


Wednesday June 12th 6-7pm at the Clubhouse
Due to the home swim meet scheduled for June 13th, the open meeting regarding the pool slide has been rescheduled.

Brookhaven residents,

The board updated the community during the March open session on the challenges for insurance and the future of the pool slide.  With pool season upon us, we are moving forward on gathering information to develop the path forward for what will be the ultimate direction of the slide.  As you recall, we were faced with a dilemma in the beginning of the year when our insurance company dropped us due to the presence of the pool slide.  This coincided with the known end of life maintenance or replacement discussions we had just started on the slide.  This caused the board to task the pool committee with seeking out alternatives, costs related to those alternatives and what we would be looking at if we stay the course with the existing slide.

With that said, we will conduct a separate meeting outside of our normal open meeting to dedicate towards the slide on Wednesday June 12th from 6-7pm at the clubhouse.  During this forum the pool committee and the board will provide more details related to costs including inputs from insurance expert(s) on industry direction with HOA’s and slides / costs.  Additionally, we will provide information gathered from speaking with other communities that removed their slides to understand what went into their decision.

In the open forum, we invite homeowners to provide respectful thoughts and perspectives on where they believe we should collectively go with the slide.

Thank you,

Brookhaven Board of Directors