New Lightning Alert System

The Pool Committee is pleased to announce that new lightning detection devices are being installed at the pool.  This will help prevent premature closure of the pool due to other noises (fireworks, airplanes, etc.) being mistaken for thunder.  It will also help to ensure residents’ safety when there is actually lighting in the area by providing a more reliable means of detection and notification.

How it Works

When lightning is first detected (up to 25 miles), the detector will flash all 8 LEDs for 5 minutes.

Visual alerts: 3 colors to indicate distance of approaching or departing storm

  • Green: 25 miles
  • Blue: 16 miles
  • Red:  6 miles

Audible alerts:

  • 1 Beep for Green: 25 miles
  • 2 Beeps for Blue: 16 miles
  • 3 Beeps for Red: 6 miles

The TALOS Lightning Detector is intended to provide notification that there may be lightning in the area, but it shouldn’t be relied upon as the only source of information. If the lightning detector alerts of lightning in the area, always consult local media, NOAA weather Radio, or websites like: