Fence Damage

Dear Brookhaven Homeowners,

As the pool company prepared for the pool inspection, they discovered several areas of the pool fence where panels either need to be completely replaced or sections need to be repaired. Based on the location of damage, we believe this is a result of people jumping or climbing on the fence  to enter the pool. We anticipate tennis balls or basketballs could’ve rolled onto the pool deck during play, which is understandable! We are asking for your help if this happens in the future. If you or a family member happens to lose a ball during tennis or basketball, please use your fob to enter the pool deck if the pool is open. If the pool is not open, please contact Community Support communitysupport@cusickcompany.com and we can help get the item returned to you. Your assistance will help reduce unnecessary funds spent on repair costs.

As a reminder, no one is permitted in the pool or on the pool deck when the pool is closed. Please only use the pool gate with your fob to access the pool when the pool is open.

Thanks for your cooperation!

Brookhaven Board of Directors