Additional Pool Reminders

The pool opens this weekend!  In order to ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience, here are a few policy and rules reminders:

  • No glass.  This includes glass bowls, bottles, jars and even ceramic mugs.  Guards may spot check coolers at the check-in desk or on the deck.
  • If a photo is not on file, the guard will need to take a photo or a guest pass will need to be used for entry.  Otherwise, guards have been instructed to deny entry.  Please add photos to your account.  Having photos already uploaded to your account will speed up entry for you as well as other residents checking in.
  • A fob must be used to enter.  Guards have been instructed not to open the gate or prop open the gate.  Please use the Amenity Card Request form if your fob is not working or you have lost your fob.
  • The gate by the dumpster is for use by people with disabilities only.  The guards have been instructed not to open the gate unless for a disabled person.
  • No private swim lessons are permitted.

See the Rules tab for a complete list of pool rules.